We released the first issue of THRILLING TALES Quarterly today.

Finally. It’s been over a year putting that first issue together. First dealing with writers who didn’t understand the submission requirements (apparently, saying that we’re looking for heroic tales set in the classic pulp era of the 1930s is confusing, and leads to sending in things like swords & sorcery fiction and modern Vampire romances. *sigh*), and then dealing with the fact that Diamond won’t touch us for distribution until we’ve actually got a completed issue to show them.

So now, I’ve got it out there, so I can send a copy to Diamond. Here’s hoping.

(If you’re interested, you can visit the link above, and order a copy from the THRILLING TALES website.)

7 Replies to “Finally.”

  1. I am very interested by this, which I confess I didn’t know about until now. I am also, however, leary. Good pulp stories are great, but bad ones are terrible. Is there a listing of the authors, or a few paragraphs of a sample from one story, or anything that might help me decide if I am in tune with what you see as good pulp fiction?

  2. Email me your mailing address — I’ll have a copy shipped direct. (Since I’m not sure when I’ll get out to you next.)

  3. Well, some of our authors include Will Murray (who wrote several of the later DOC SAVAGE stories that came out in the 80s), James Lowder (who’s had stories appear in SHADOWS OVER BAKER STREET, and edited such anthologies as Hero Games’ ASTOUNDING HERO TALES) and Aaron Rosenberg (author of several Warhammer, Exalted and Star Trek books, among others).

    There’s a preview of the first 11 or so pages (featuring James Lowder’s story, “The Night Chicago Died”, here.

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