Indiana Jones Teaser

My thoughts,

I’m not sure. I was hoping to be “wowed” more.

What they’ve shown in this trailer doesn’t really grab me much. Maybe I’m suffering from “Phantom Menace Syndrome” — there’s no way that they could come up with anything which would match my expectations. The Indiana Jones moves were huge for me, as they were for many of us who grew up during that time.

The scenes we’re shown have a Lucas-riffic “video game cutscene” look to them (especially the magically-extending bullwhip — how long is that thing?), the humor moments seem forced instead of clever, and the rest of it has a filmed-on-video look to me.

Is it just me? Does this do anything for anybody else?

I hope that I’m just being too critical, and it doesn’t actually suck rocks.

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  1. We’ll just have to watch it. That’s the best way to find out.
    Once it comes out on DVD, maybe more ppl will come by our house to watch it.

    You did know that we have a small screen at our house?
    It’s 5 feet by 6 feet.

  2. Eh… it looks like fun. I got a smile when Indy acknowledged it’s “not as easy as it used to be.” And obviously things still don’t always work quite like he plans. So I’m looking forward to it.

    Of course I don’t seem to have the same feelings about the older Indy movies that some folks do (although I grew up during that time too). They’re great, fun movies. Some of my favorites. But they were never some defining moment of my life, they’re just movies. I’m not holding my breath hoping that this one will meet the same level as Raiders, but if it doesn’t I’m pretty sure I won’t be horribly disappointed for that reason alone.

    If anything, I think it’s the more advanced special effects that make it seem… not quite like the Indy I remember. The trailer for the recent Die Hard sequel (I have yet to see the movie) gave me the same feeling. But it’s not as if the movie makers aren’t going to take advantage of what’s available to them.

    As for “Phantom Menace Syndrome”, I don’t believe in it. It’s not that the prequels didn’t live up to my over-expecations, they just weren’t very good. I watched the old Star Wars stuff again after that, and, though they didn’t have the same impact they did the first time around, the originals really are better.

  3. Huh. You know, I had the exact opposite reaction. To me, what they showed–the action, the dialog, the humor, all of it–felt like Indiana Jones, in the way that the SW prequels (and trailers) failed to feel like Star Wars.

    I had a dumb, shit-eating grin on my face the entire way through. I, at least, was indeed wowed.

  4. I agree. Obviously, we’ve got a lot of reasons here why we want the film to succeed. But the teaser but a smile on my face. I just got back from watching it a couple of times more in the Premiere Theatre here, and it still rocks.

    I am looking forward to the movie.

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