The Big Announcement….

We’ve made in on various fora, but I figured that I should repeat it here:

Adamant Entertainment & China Miéville Present: TALES OF NEW CROBUZON.

Adamant Entertainment has reached an agreement with award-winning author China Miéville to license his fantasy setting of Bas-lag, which featured in the novels Perdido Street Station, The Scar and Iron Council. Adamant Entertainment will publish a roleplaying game that will allow fans of the series to have their own adventures in the city of New Crobuzon. Subsequent game books will continue to explore the setting and characters of the world of Bas-lag.

“The city of New Crobuzon is an incredibly rich setting,” said Adamant Entertainment owner Gareth-Michael Skarka. “We’re extremely proud to be producing a game that gives it the level of detail and attention that it deserves.”

“I grew up on RPGs,” said China Miéville, “And the idea of a Bas-Lag game is incredibly exciting and humbling. That people might want to play in the world of my books is a tremendous honour.”

The game will also feature a special treat for Miéville’s fans — the original map of the city of New Crobuzon, drawn by the author, as well as his own illustrations of some of the creatures found in the world of Bas-lag.

Interested fans can discuss the project at the Adamant Entertainment forums — found on the company’s website at

About China Mieville
China Miéville lives and works in London. His first novel, King Rat, was published in 1998, Perdido Street Station (winner of the Arthur C. Clarke Award and the British Fantasy Award) followed in 2000, The Scar (winner of the British Fantasy Award) in 2002, Iron Council in 2004 (winner of the Arthur C. Clarke Award), Looking for Jake and Other Stories in 2006, and Un Lun Dun in 2007. His work has been nominated for Hugo, Nebula and World Fantasy Awards.

About Adamant Entertainment
Adamant Entertainment is one of the recognized leaders in electronic publishing in the adventure games industry, and has recently begun to expand its print operations. Their game lines, including THRILLING TALES and THE IMPERIAL AGE, are the top sellers in their respective categories, and the company was recently featured in an Associated Press article on the growth of the electronic publishing sector, appearing in news publications world-wide.

Adamant Entertainment Media Contact
Gareth-Michael Skarka
gms [at] adamantentertainment [dot] com

65 Replies to “The Big Announcement….”

  1. Fantastic! I have wanted to see, if nothing else, a gazetteer for New Crobuzon ever since I read the book. Dragon’s take on it was fine, as a far as it went, but its really not a book that fits well into the standards of DnD. Looking forward to it hearing more about it.

  2. I too wish to offer my congratulations, and I look forward to seeing you design another system–I have always been a fan of HKAT! and Underworld.

  3. As it was only through reading your LJ that I ever heard of Perdido and Mievile, I’m pleased you’ve got the license. I figure you can do the setting justice! Congratulations, Gareth!

  4. You know what the weird thing is? When you mentioned the license deal the other day, this is the first one that I thought it might be. Hunh.

    Anyway, mucho congratulamifications, man.

  5. This is very cool news! I just picked up issue 352 of Dragon magazine and it was dedicated to Bas-Lag. But of course everything was geared towards D20, I’ll be curious to see how you interpret Bas-Lag for another, as yet unknown, game engine. :)

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