Friday Music

I had considered doing a “Leap Year” edition, but it turns out there aren’t a lot of theme songs that fit. :)

Well, there’s this one, kinda-sorta. It has fuck-all to do with Leap Year, but it’s one of my favorites. Billy Bragg – “Waiting For The Great Leap Forwards.”

There’s a French James Bond fanfilm called Shamelady (after the estate in Jamaica that Fleming bought, and re-named “Goldeneye”) — not your typical fan film. They hired models, spent some money — actually have an Aston Martin, fer chrissakes. They used the following track as the theme song — Bond composer David Arnold collaborated with The Cardigans’ vocalist Nina Persson for the theme song to the 2000 remake of Randal & Hopkirk (Deceased), and the song is very, VERY Bondian: David Arnold & Nina Persson – “Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased)”

A little bit of 90s one-hit-wonder love for ya: Geggy Tah – “Whoever You Are.”

Also from the same decade — another group that had a single and not much else. I always loved the lyrics of this one. Eve 6 – “Inside Out.”

Here was one of my favorite headphone tracks while walking through NYC. Because sometimes, you just need a song that grabs you by the cock and goes “RAAHHH!!!” (Seriously. That’s a technical term. Look it up.) Kid Rock – “Bawitdaba.”

Speaking of NYC — here’s another smoothed-out jazzy hip-hop track from Digable Planets, this time from their first album. Digable Planets – “Where I’m From.”

Getting an ear-worm out there. This track is used in the trailers of the forthcoming Juliana Margulies series, Canterbury’s Law. I really don’t have any interest in watching another show about a fiesty lawyer, much less on FOX….but the song is hot. Rilo Kiley – “The Moneymaker.”

Lastly, from the cobwebbed-bestrewn days of the 80s….Echo & The Bunnymen – “Lips Like Sugar (Single Version).”

There you go. Enjoy!

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