Awww Yeah

The sketch that was single-handedly responsible for adding “awww yeah” and “puddin'” to my personal lexicon:

’cause that’s what I do, baby. I cook….and chill.

Friday Music (sorta….ish)

As I mentioned earlier today, I’m away on not really prepared to do a Friday Music post this week.

That said, I *have* to post this single, which has been eating its way through my brain all week, and is forming a large part of my current writing soundtrack — it’s the lead single from the new Moby album:

Moby – “Alice.”

Good stuff, Maynard.

General Update…

Sitting here in the Mayflower hotel in DC. The Minion has been packed off for her day of VIP tours.

I just realized that I didn’t prepare for Friday Music this week (for obvious reasons), so I’m afraid no tunes will be forthcoming today.

By the way, I’m having some odd issues with getting my mail via browser today. It worked fine yesterday, but today, constant checks reveal empty inboxes — even of spam. It’s almost like my Mail program at home is on, and pulling messages from the servers before I can check them online, but I know I didn’t leave it running….

So, anyway, if you have a pressing need to reach me today, your best bets are cellphone, or by leaving comments here.

(EDIT: Mail’s back up. Apparently, had what she is referring to as a “Lucy moment”, and my mail *was* being pulled home.)

Not sure how I’ll spend my day — weather is going to be intermittent rain, I’ve done the DC tourist thing before, etc. I’m sure I’ll figure something out.