Thrilling Tales 2nd Edition cover

After securing the second-use rights for the original JUSTICE INC. artwork from Steve Peterson, I’ve been at work developing its use as the cover to THRILLING TALES 2nd Edition — our stand-alone new version of our top-selling pulp line, which will use our ‘stripped-down hot-rod’ version of the d20 OGL rules system, The Odyssey System.

Now, I’m ready to show it off:

There will be promotional posters of this cover image available through Adamant Entertainment’s cafepress shop, Pulpwear (and, most likely, shirts and mugs and such as well).

As for the game itself — we’re currently on schedule for an early June release….and we’ve decided to take a big leap with this one. The PDF version of THRILLING TALES 2nd Edition will be available for free. We’re giving it away. We’ll be selling a print version — but for folks who want the PDF, either to play some Pulp or just to check out the Odyssey System, it’s free.

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