The Constant Dilemma

My hemming and hawing over Far West continues.

It’s really just another example of the situation that I constantly struggle with, in my day-to-day work: Do I work on something that has the *potential* to be greatly rewarding, both personally and perhaps financially (doing FW as a novel; working on fiction in general), or do I instead do something *right now* that is sure to make me immediate income (doing FW as a 4E setting; working on gaming stuff in general), albeit it most likely less than the other option?

Do I actively pursue the goal of my lifetime, or do I shelve it for the quick (and lesser) return? It’s not an easy decision — especially given the variables involved. The game material I produce is a guarantee of income, however small. The fiction would be a larger gamble — it could work out…*IF* I get an agent…..*IF* a publisher picks it up….*IF* it actually sells…etc. etc.

I remember when and I were discussing our moving options in 2003. We were living in New Jersey, and I said “I didn’t move back to the NYC area to live in New Jersey.”

That’s a bit what I feel like right now — Gaming is New Jersey.

I don’t want to wake up in late middle age and realize that I spent my life going for the immediate safe income, and never did what I wanted to do — I don’t want to realize that I’d stayed in Jersey, and NYC was just across the river the whole time.

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