It’s been a growing opinion of mine that we’ve got two different Republican campaigns.

Much like we’ve got a Cheney shadow-government behind the scenes of the Bush administration, I think we’ve got a far-right nutjob theoCon cabal pushing for Sarah Palin (either to ascend once McCain’s health becomes an issue, or to position her for 2012), and then we have McCain’s official campaign. The disconnect between what the campaign has done, and what McCain does himself has been too stark at times for me to not draw that conclusion.

For example — the recent lynch-mob hate-speech BS at the rallies, with supporters yelling “Terrorist”, “Traitor,” and “Kill Him!”. Most of it occurs at Palin appearances.

Today, Obama criticized the dangerous tone that McCain/Palin are purposefully stirring up…. and amazingly, the official response from the McCain campaign was to defend their supporters.

But also today — McCain tried to put the genie back in the bottle, asking his supporters to be respectful — and they BOOED HIM.

This is getting out of his control. That’s terrifying.

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