Well, CRAP.

My G4 Powerbook seems to no longer be recognizing it’s Power Adapter.

When I plug it in, it doesn’t switch to the “plugged in” icon. It still shows battery.

At this point, I have no idea if it’s the cord (which I can replace for like 25 bucks online), or something worse (within the Powerbook’s power system itself).


Crap, crap, crapitty crap CRAP.


I’m an odd duck.

(Yeah, yeah… pipe down, you.)

One of my favorite activities is learning to do new creative things — which is, in and of itself, not that odd. No, the odd part is that I throw myself into these things, devour them, absorb them, add them to my repertoire — with the intention of using them in my business.

I like doing this. The unlocking of new skills is fun for me — and strangely relaxing. Planning on using them in my job is one of the benefits of working in a creative field. Anything I learn is useful towards future projects.

Anyway, this thought occurred to me as I looked at the latest batch of software and related books which I’ve assembled over the holidays:

So I guess nothing really changes — when I was in school, I *hated* to study, and if I was able to skate through just on my brains, I did so. But if a subject really interested me, I went after it like a starving man — reading and studying everything I could until I was satisfied.