Friday Music

This week:

I wanted to track down the song used in the new Ford Flex commercials, as it sounded familiar to me. Sure enough, it’s a 2000 track from Poe, from her album Haunted: Poe – “Hey Pretty.”

…but wait! There’s more. Turns out that there was a remix of the song done in 2001, where most of her vocals are replaced by a recording of Poe’s brother, Mark Danielewski, reading from his brilliant novel House of Leaves. I’m not sure which version I liked more, so I’m posting both. Poe (feat. Mark Danielewski) – “Hey Pretty (Drive-By Remix).”

I haven’t posted any French hip-hop for in a long while. So, here we go. I discovered this via the excellent Yo La La French Hip-hop Podcast. Calogero et Passi – “Face à la mer.”

One of my favorite Cure tracks, which often gets forgotten amid their more well-known stuff. This was the lead track from 1987’s Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me, quickly overshadowed by the hit single “Just Like Heaven”, but I love the agonized guitar riff of this song far, far more — The Cure – “The Kiss.”

The brilliantly-named Austin band Ringo Deathstarr has an EP coming out this March. In the meantime, you can check them out on Myspace, or via this song: Ringo Deathstarr – “Some Kind of Sad.”

I posted this long ago, but it’s too brilliant to post only once. Jurassic 5 DJ Cut Chemist, before he ever released his solo work, cutting up some 30s jazz in a brilliant display of turntablism: Jurassic 5 (feat. Cut Chemist) – “Swing Set.”

This song will always make me think of Jonathan Rhys Meyers in purple glitter. Sometimes, you just need that mental image, and sometimes you just need to hear this: Brian Eno – “Needle In The Camel’s Eye.”