Campus Observations

Working out of the office today — up on campus, so that I can join The Best Friend for a now-weekly lunch.

Some observations:

* College girls now apparently wear flip-flops everywhere, even in 40 degrees and rain. They also, unfortunately for my allergies, wear GALLONS of scent — any time one of them passes within 10 feet of where I’m sitting, it’s like a Bath & Body Works has exploded.

* Emo Boy with his Emo Hair needs to understand that nobody really wants him to sit down and play the Largely Decorative Piano which sits to one side of the lobby. Seriously. You could be a bloody virtuoso, and nobody would want to hear that at 8-something in the morning while they’re working/reading/writing/talking. And trust me — virtuoso? You’re not. Bordering on EPIC FAIL, in fact.

* (Related to the above point) iPods are, in fact, the greatest invention in the history of EVER.

* Staying at home and working in the office? Sunny and 60s. Heading out to campus and then lunch downtown? Rain, wind, and possibly snow later. The gods are, if nothing else, suckers for a cheap gag.