Fortune Favors The Fool

That major release on the 27th? I’m an idiot.

I completely forgot that Adamant is participating in the annual “March 4th for GM’s Day” sale at RPGNow and DriveThruRPG, running the first week of March. It’s always a huge thing for us, and for a ton of other publishers, and dropping a major release two days before a week-long major multi-publisher sale isn’t perhaps the smartest thing in the world.

So, we’re pushing the release until Monday the 9th.

This all dovetails quite nicely, though — because it gives me a bit of additional time to finish up some detail talks about plans to get this product (among other Adamant releases) printed and in traditional distribution to your Friendly Local Game Store….

So, yeah — story of my life, that. Dopey mistake, which actually ends up working out for the better.