[New York] Pedestrian Plazas!

Gothamist – a NY group-blog that I have syndicated to my Friends page – is reporting that Times Square and Herald Square are about to become pedestrian plazas.

Starting on Memorial Day, two stretches of Broadway, from 42nd to 47th streets and from 32nd to 35th streets, will transformed into pedestrian plazas in an experiment that will last through the end of the year and may become permanent!

I hope so. That would be great — I mean, the only vehicles going through there now are cabs, limos, delivery vehicles and out-of-towners who don’t know better.

Broadway is an odd duck, moving diagonally across the traditional grid of streets and avenues in midtown — eliminating traffic along the most congested parts will free up traffic on the streets that are crossed, by preventing gridlock. Plus, much more pleasant for the majority, who walk!