General Updatery

  • Did the “Games Publishing and Retail for the New Media” seminar at GTS. The grand total of retailers who showed up? ONE. Full room for WotC’s Magic: The Gathering seminar… then they all clear out, and then come back after the New Media seminar was over to attend WotC’s D&D seminar. Yep, they couldn’t even be bothered to stay in their seats to learn something that might help their businesses. Well, one did. Man, am I getting tired of beating my head against that particular wall.
  • Preparing a prospectus on Far West for potential investors. Three different requests at GTS. I’m beginning to suspect that this might turn out to be bigger than I had expected. If you’re interested in investing, drop me a line.
  • Having a hard time keeping my expectations in check for the new reboot of Star Trek, now that people who have attended premieres and sneak preview screenings have started posting reviews online. I’ve been arguing for about 15 years or so that Trek needed a reboot, and from the praise being heaped upon this film, it sounds like Abrams & Co. have succeeded wildly. Two more weeks to wait….
  • A couple of large Adamant-related announcements coming. The first in about an hour or so. Stay tuned.
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