Short Friday Music

Been very busy, so I haven’t had the time to go scouting as much as I’d like to.

Here is some new music that I did find, though:

First up: I always prefer to listen to songs in their original language — songwriters write lyrics with specific rhythms and tones in mind, in addition to meaning. This gets lost when the songs are translated. Shakira is a great example of this — I love her Spanish material, but can’t stand the English stuff that has been released. She has a new song, and I stumbled across a site that had in in both language versions — the problem is that the directly-translated lyrics are awful. So, instead of giving you “She Wolf”, I’m giving you the version she wrote first: Shakira – “Loba.”

Zero 7, one of my favorite electronica outfits, has their first new album in 3 years coming out soon. The first track from Yeah Ghost has been sent out to various blogs, and it sound as good as everything else they’ve done: Zero 7 – “Everything Up (Zizou).”

Here’s a track from London-based Guy Connelly, who records under the name Clock Opera – “Once and For All.”

I still haven’t found a complete track from the new Muse album. They’re doing a brilliant marketing scheme, where they’ve taken a song from the album, “The United States of Eurasia”, put it on USB sticks and scattered in in various cities around the globe. They’re doing a world-wide scavenger hunt. Here’s a news story about it. They’ve also leaked an all-too brief sample of the song, which, if you want to torture yourself with an incomplete listen, can be heard by clicking here.

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