Friday Music

I know, I know — long time.

I’ve been busy.

First off — it’s not downloadable, but if you’d like to listen to a stream, you can hear the entire new album from Muse, “The Resistance”, here. It’s phenominal — easily on my list of the best albums of the year.

Now, on to music of the downloadable variety: This little gem from Ice-T’s 1994 foray into hardcore, which caused right-wing apoplexy (and yet, never any protest over Eric Clapton doing “I Shot The Sherrif”… Hmm. I wonder why?). Still one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to, by the way. Body Count – “Cop Killer.”

The song that Quentin Tarantino rescued from “Cat People” — as he said, he couldn’t believe that they had this amazing Bowie song, and just stuck it over the credits. He said that if he had it, he’d have devoted an entire scene to it — which is exactly what he did in Inglorious Basterds, where it serves as Shoshanna’s internal monologue as she prepares herself for action: David Bowie – “Cat People (Putting Out Fire).”

A really cool bit of reggae/hip-hop hybrid by Bob Marley’s youngest son, discussing the difference between the Tourist Jamaica and the Real Jamaica: Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley – “Welcome to Jamrock.”

Heard this song on the local alternative station’s “Resurrection Sunday” — where they play Old Guy Alternative, ya know? I had forgotten how much I liked the group, and the song in particular. From 1987’s Happy?, Public Image Limited – “Seattle.”

This is probably my favorite track from Nine Inch Nails: Nine Inch Nails – “The Perfect Drug.”

I posted this ages ago, but it came up on my iPod’s shuffle this week, and I found that it greatly helped boost my energy, so I figured I’d post it again. Rockin’ out with a sample from Le Mystere de Voix Bulgaire, VAST – “Touched.”

Lastly, a request from Dotta Numba 2 — the multitalented Felicia Day and company. You’ve all seen the video by now. The Guild – “Do You Wanna Date My Avatar.”

There you are. Enjoy.

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