General Updatery

Lots of stuff going on in the ol’ brainspace recently.

  • Absolutely disgusted that both of our Senators (Brownback and Roberts) were among the 30 Republicans who voted against the Franken amendment, which would bar federal contracts going to companies that force employees into notoriously pro-corporate arbitration over allegations of sexual assault and rape. (Put forward after a woman gang-raped by her Halliburton co-workers in Iraq was locked in a shipping container to avoid her reporting it, and then told she couldn’t sue in civil court due to her contract which specifies arbitration only). Even MORE disgusted by reading commentary by locals defending Brownback and Roberts for voting against “Trial Lawyers.” (Which is as egregious a Republican-created-boogeyman as “Liberal Media.”) This country fucking sickens me.
  • Finding myself growing more and more tired of the constant bullshit of working in the game industry. Way too many sources of aggravation, way too much unprofessional garbage, way too much work for far too little reward. Even getting paid for my own sales is getting to be a hassle. There’s a reason why the three biggest projects that I’m working on are vectoring away from the game business. Two have nothing to do with games at all, and one has a game component, but only as part of a larger overall plan. I need to concentrate more on that stuff — start looking to get out.
  • Maybe part of that dissatisfaction is because I’m not doing any recreational gaming — so nothing present to remind me of what I like about RPGs, etc. Perhaps I should remedy that, but it’s very hard to get a group together.
  • Well, this post is just a little ball of sunshine, innit?

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