Geek Stuff (some of local interest, some of general)

A few things:

1) Any locals want to come over this Sunday for a viewing of the 4-hour, 2 film, original-Chinese-release version of John Woo’s Red Cliff? I’d rather see it as Woo intended it, instead of the butchered-down-to-2.5-hours American art-house release coming out now. I was thinking of starting around 1-ish. Comment if you’re interested.

2) Attention, Doctor Who Fans! Set photos have leaked out, showing the filming of the first episode of the new series (when the Doctor meets Amy, immediately post-regeneration). Visit here for some pics which have slight spoilers — mostly regarding the new companion’s profession. VERY phwoar!

3) Speaking of Doctor Who — and again, aimed at the locals: I’m strongly considering running a campaign using the new DOCTOR WHO: ADVENTURES IN TIME AND SPACE from Cubicle 7. Again, drop a comment if you’re interested. I’d prefer to run weekly, but bi-weekly could also be doable if people couldn’t make the heavier commitment.

4) Lastly for the locals, Kansas Public Radio’s Retro Cocktail Hour is doing another Luchador double feature at Liberty Hall this Friday night! The event, which they call “Cinema Con Queso 2” will feature a double-bill of Santo at the Wax Museum and Santo and Blue Demon VS The Wolf Man and Dracula. ¬°Ay Caramba! The movies start at 7, and the box office will be selling tickets on the day of the show.

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