Friday Music

Hey there — here’s this week’s Mixtape of Teh Intarwebs:

First, in honor of my Alive Day (Three years Cancer-free!), I post the following. I really don’t understand this songs effect on me — from the very first time I heard it, the main synth riff made me get all misty. I don’t know why. It has a near-hymnal quality for me. Plus the lyrics (“I’m standing here on the ground, the sky above won’t fall down. See no evil in all direction. Resolution of happiness, things have been dark for too long.”) are very appropriate to how I feel. INXS – “Don’t Change.”

Gorillaz have a new album coming out in March!!! My Damon Albarn fanboy obsession can continue — “Plastic Beaches” will feature guest appearance from people as varied as Lou Reed and Snoop Dogg to Paul Simenon and Mick Jones of The Clash. This is the first single (coming out next week), and features Mos Def and, phenomenally, soul legend Bobby Womack (“Across 110th Street”, etc.). Gorillaz – “Stylo.”

I’ve been playing the hell out of FIFA10 on the PS3. I’m a football fanatic — it’s hardly surprising. Like the previous installments, the soundtrack to FIFA10 is great — a mix of music from all over the world. Here are four of my favorite tracks featured in the game:

From the UK — Alex Metric an electro-pop artist with currently only a non-major-label EP to his name. If there’s any justice in the world at all, his inclusion on the game’s soundtrack will increase his profile and he’ll take off. This track is GREAT: Alex Metric – “Head Straight.”

Another artist with a Myspace page, but no debut album yet. The woman who records as SoShy is French (of Argentine and Russian ancestry), and is currently based in Los Angeles. Enjoy the Wizard of Oz references — this is, at the moment, by favorite track on the game’s soundtrack. I’ll definitely be picking up her album, whenever it finally materializes: SoShy – “Dorothy.”

For The Minion — here’s a group that sounds a bit like a German version of Duran Duran. The only Deutsches Lied in the game — I guess Michael Ballack can go complain to a ref or something. Auletta – “Meine Stadt.”

This is some seriously hot shit from Bogotá, Colombia, and easily my favorite Spanish-language track in the game. Bomba Estéreo – “Fuego.”

So, there you go, kids. Enjoy.

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