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Remember when Obama said, during the State of the Union, that he was planning on meeting with Republicans and Democrats soon?

Well, today, he went to the House Republicans Retreat and engaged in what can only be described as the US equivalent of Prime Minister’s Question Time. CSPAN has the video. You need to watch this.

He engaged them, on their turf, in an open exchange of ideas. Not only did he come off as the adult in the room, but he showed the difference between debate and obstruction… and well, just fucking mopped the floor with them. Totally dismantled wingnut ‘gotcha’ questions with aplomb and a smile — made them look like idiots. He needs to do this, with *both* sides, on a regular basis. Knock some rhetorical heads and start demonstrating the “presiding” part of the word “President.”

Today’s back and forth was such a dramatic scene that GOP operatives are already talking about how huge a mistake it was to allow cameras at the event and Fox News decided to cut away from the event before it was over, despite planning a full broadcasting block around it.

Wow. More of this, please.

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