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Early post today. Yer gonna get spoiled.

Yesterday was the 20th anniversary (yes, go back, read that number again. That’s a twenty. Yeesh.) of the premiere of Twin Peaks. I was a *massive* Peaks fan. Still am, I suppose. I even stuck through the largely crap middle of season 2 (after the revelation of Laura Palmer’s killer, but before the creepy-cool Windham Earle stuff towards the end). In honor of the anniversary, I’m posting the vocal version of the theme. Poor Julee Cruise — she was so associated with the show, that when it fell from favor, her chance at a wider career went with it. Julee Cruise and Angelo Badalamenti – “Falling.”

Been watching the new series Justified on FX — based on the Raylan Givens stories by Elmore Leonard. Good stuff — and perhaps best of all is the the theme, performed by the Brooklyn-based Gangstagrass. The music is just what the group name indicates — heavy hip hop beats and rhymes performed over samples taken from traditional bluegrass and country. A brilliant mix, and perfect for the series. Here’s the title theme: Gangstagrass – “Long Hard Times To Come.”

A different track was used for the preview commercials on FX, and it’s equally good. Gangstagrass has an album coming — check it out when it’s released. Gangstagrass – “On The Run.”

Sticking with the mixed-genre hip-hop for a while — my favorite track from the seminal soundtrack to the otherwise forgettable film “Judgement Night”, which mixed metal, alternative and hip-hop acts: Faith No More and Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E. – “Another Body Murdered.”

Public Image Ltd. is touring again — they’re playing in KC on the 26th, but I’m not attending. The only “seats” are Standing Room Only… and, bluntly, my ankles are in no shape to stand for 2+ hours. I liked PiL a lot, but sadly, not that much. My favorite track: Public Image Ltd. – “Seattle.”

Now if it was The Beat (or as I knew them, here in the US, “The English Beat.”) — well that would be another story. I’d drag myself there on bloody stumps. But unfortunately, the group has split into two line-ups (The Beat, touring the UK and Europe, fronted by Ranking Roger; and The English Beat, touring in the US and fronted by Dave Wakeling), and so a true reunion will never occur. I’ve been a nut for this band ever since my Uncle Dennis gave me a cassette of the 1982 album Special Beat Service, which I wore out. From that album: The Beat – “Save It For Later.”

Lastly, a tasty bit of oddness from Cake (my favorite track of theirs, apart from their cover of “I Will Survive.”): Cake – “Frank Sinatra.”

Enjoy, kids.

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