Friday Music

Yeah, I know — the whole “attempt at daily blogging” thing has sucked. Sorry about that — massively busy (as usual). At least you get Friday Music….

Here’s a song that some hockey-mom minivan commercial stole from the Pogues, so I’m stealin’ it back. (Well, OK, I know they didn’t steal it — I’m sure Shaney Mac and the boys got a nice chunk of ducats for it, but… A MINIVAN? Seriously?) The Pogues – “If I Should Fall From Grace With God.”

Gregg Michael Gillis, the brilliant mash-up artist who records under the name Girl Talk, released another free album this past week. Each track is composed from cut samples of a dozen or more songs, crafting some really excellent work. You can go here and download the album, “All Day”, for free. Here’s the first track, as an example of just how hard this rocks your face: Girl Talk – “Oh No.”

For Dotta Numba Two — I introduced her to my favorite piano piece a couple of weeks ago, and shared how it was introduced to me by Bugs Bunny. Here it is: Franz Liszt – Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 (Piano).

Just because it’s awesome: Toto – “Dune: Prologue and Main Title (feat. Virginia Madsen)”

More great indie/folk/rock/whatever from the London-based group who did the brilliant version of “Sigh No More” that featured in Being Human (and that I posted, as a result). Mumford and Sons – “Little Lion Man.”

Lastly, some nice neo-new-wave released in the UK in 2008, and the US in 2009, that I somehow missed. Great stuff, so shame on me. I should pay more attention. Late of the Pier – “Space & the Woods (Cenzo Townshend mix).”

There you go, kids. Enjoy!

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