Friday Music

Here we go again. Some of the stuff that’s been floating through my head this week.

I had almost completely forgotten about this song, which was on *heavy* rotation in 1982. They were supposed to be the next Rush. Apparently, Canada had a knack for producing prog-rock-influenced AOR from four-letter bands. Loved this song, though, and was pleased to rediscover it. Saga – “On The Loose.”

From old to new, or rather, to “new from old.” A blistering track from the most recent album by post-punk stalwarts Killing Joke. My Brother-in-Law played this track for me over the holidays, and it hooked me pretty much immediately. Killing Joke – “European Superstate.”

Back to old — classic turn-of-the-80s New Wave from the UK: Squeeze – “Another Nail In My Heart.” Difford and Tillbrook were pretty much the New Wave’s answer to Lennon and McCartney (or, less flatteringly, perhaps the Oasis of the time?).

New again — specifically a great example of the dubstep genre. This track took the form from a purely club thing to reaching the top 10 of the UK charts this past summer. Magnetic Man – “I Need Air.”

Back to the 80s — when I hear this song, I still see a cigarette boat crashing through Caribbean waves on Miami Vice. When the drum beat kicks in, it still strikes me as the coolest riff in the world. Russ Ballard – “Voices.”

More new — another track from the Danish former-ballet-dancer-turned-model-turned-popstar Nanna ├śland Fabricius (AKA Oh Land), that I first talked about in mid-December. (again — holy crap, LOOK AT HER.) This time around, she turns out a fairy-tale-meets-Bond-theme-ballad. Oh Land – “Wolf & I.”

We’ll close with the US version of Republica’s big 90s hit — I always preferred this version to the UK/Europe release, because the US version added heavier guitars to the largely-electronic track, which added much-needed energy, in my opinion. Republica – “Ready to Go.”

There you go, kids — Enjoy!

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  1. I loved that Saga song back in the day and completely forgot about it. Thanks for posting it.

    I remember having a crush on the girl in the beret in the music video for that song, which was about a jailbreak… or something.

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