Queen Lizzy’s

A good friend of mine, Matt Poulton, is a British chef living here in the wilds of Kansas. (Love will do strange things to you, apparently — he’s married to a local.)

He’s getting read to launch a new restaurant here in Lawrence — a traditional English fish-and-chips joint (AKA a chippy). Fish, chips, bacon butty, battered sausage, doner kebab, curry, etc. — wonderful stuff. He’s got a space lined up, and is currently running an IndieGoGo project (similar to Kickstarter, which you’re quite aware of if you’re reading my blog) in order to give him a bit of a launch cushion — helping secure some new equipment, do a bit of renovation, etc.

I would VERY MUCH like to see this succeed. Please consider chucking a few dollars his way — he’s got some nice rewards, even if you’re not local to the area. Every little bit helps. (Full disclosure — I’m involved in this as well: I’m handling his graphic design (did his logo, for example) and consulting on marketing & operations.)

You can check out the project (including the promo video that I put together) by clicking here and visiting his page on IndieGoGo.


Er…I mean: please. (Must be polite. Must always be polite.)

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  1. I will be telling EVERYONE here at Haskell Health Center about this place and OMG! NOM!!!!

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