Advent of the Insurgent Creative: SOPA

I’m interrupting the Advent of the Insurgent Creative series today, folks — I’m currently spending the day following the House Judiciary Committee hearings on the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). Anybody who depends upon the Internet for digital delivery, production, reaching your audience, or getting paid for your work (in other words, any Insurgent Creative) needs to pay attention to this, because our livelihood depends upon it.

For an overview of why SOPA is a Very Bad Thing, see this comprehensive post at Techdirt.

You can watch the hearings streamed live here, and follow on Twitter via the hashtag #SOPA.

Congress legislating technology that they don’t understand, entirely at the behest of large corporations, contrary to broad-based bipartisan opposition from pretty much everyone, is an inevitable result of our culture of anti-intellectualism and the corruption of money in politics.

Any legislator who votes in favor of this has permanent lost my vote — plus I will donate and volunteer for their opponent.

If President Obama does not promise (AND follow-through) to veto #SOPA (or the Senate version, PROTECT-IP), I will withhold my vote, my time and my donations in 2012.

Enough fucking around.



Sorry for the interruption in the series, folks. I’ll make up for it with two entries tomorrow.

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