A Bit of Whovian Time-Travel…


10 years ago today, the BBC announced that Doctor Who was coming back. (I checked my blog entries — I was taking a week off, but I did mention it in my first post back, with a link to the story.) A year and a half later, “Rose” premiered.

My favorite show was coming back — a show which I’d been watching since the mid-70s, and which formed a huge formative part of my childhood and adolescence. I was thrilled, and despite ups and downs in my opinion of the quality of various episodes, I’ve long since decided that having Doctor Who on the air and occasionally disappointing me is far, far better than not having it at all.

So thanks to Russell Davies, Stephen Moffat, Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant, Matt Smith and everyone involved, for the past decade.

Here’s looking forward to the 50th Anniversary special, the Christmas Special, and Peter Capaldi’s 12th Doctor!

(…and my deepest thank you to Cubicle 7 Entertainment for letting me write for the RPG, thereby fulfilling a childhood dream to write for Doctor Who!)

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