#RPGaDay2015, Day 21

rpg-a-day-2015Today’s topic is Favorite RPG Setting. It doesn’t really specify whether that setting is unique to RPGs, or a licensed setting, or whatever — so I’m assuming that if there’s an RPG using the setting, it qualifies. I’ll be interested to see people’s responses to this one, which I’m sure will be widely varied.

As I’ve been writing these (in batches — thank god for post-scheduling), I’ve been trying not to get too “shill-y”, and talk about stuff that I’ve worked on, or designed myself. I’d love to be able to continue that policy, but in this case, I can’t do that and be honest in my response.

In truth, my all-time favorite setting is the one that I’ve been (infamously) late in delivering: Far West.

Alt_Cov_2Yes, we’re four years after the kickstarter, and I’m only just now getting to the end of layout process of the core rulebook. I know that frustrates people. It frustrates me even more — I’ve actually been working on Far West since 2007, long before the kickstarter. The setting combination — Chinese wuxia tales filtered through a lens of Italian Spaghetti Westerns, captured my imagination like nothing I’ve worked on before. And here’s the thing: It still does.

That’s how I know it’s my favorite. Despite the stress, despite the negative feelings surrounding the lateness, despite all of that, the setting still excites me, still gets me fired up to work on every day. As I crawl the agonizing last few feet to delivery of the RPG, I’m still having ideas for follow-ups: Adventures, fiction, and more. Still. Every day.

That’s why it’s my favorite setting. I hope it turns out to be one of yours, too. The RPG will be available soon, but in the meantime, you can check out the setting via the Far West website (check out the Vignettes, or the store, where you can pick up the Ennie-nominated short fiction anthology).

Now, let’s check out Dave Chapman’s video entry for the day, with special guest Josh Fox from Black Armada Games:

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