#RPGaDay2015, Day 24

rpg-a-day-2015Today’s topic is Favorite House Rule. Another difficult one for me to answer, since most of the stuff that I house-rule, I end up publishing as rules.

That said, I do have a house rule that I use, whenever I run a superhero game. No matter what the system, I always make it a feature of my campaigns:

I always put in “Easter Eggs” in my campaigns — little inside-joke references to comics history (either the fictional history, or the history of the industry). The players might be facing down a super-villain in Fawcett Park, for example. Players who spot the reference to Fawcett Comics (Golden Age publisher of Captain Marvel comics) get some kind of in-game benefit (depending on the rules system being used — for example, in ICONS, I might give a free point of Determination). Even better, if the players can improvise their own references, they get added to the game setting canon, AND they get an in-game benefit. Basically, it just adds another layer of comics nerdery to our roleplaying nerdery.

So, there’s my favorite house rule. Let’s check out Dave Chapman’s video entry for the day, with special guest Grant Howit:

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