Good vs Evil

cvq_lt1uyaaxfupIt isn’t politically correct.

It’s just politics. We’re supposed to be able to “agree to disagree.”

That’s what we were taught.

But conservatives keep telling us how much they hate politically correct language, so I’m just going to go there: This isn’t a disagreement. This is the difference between Good and Evil.

To my conservative colleagues and family members: There’s no point in trying to convince you any longer. I’ve reached the same point as Drew Magary in this GQ article. I can’t waste my time any more. You don’t care about the miles-long list of verifiable facts that make him unfit for the office of President (191 items, and growing daily). You just don’t care. Facts don’t matter to you. He’s the Quarterback of Your Team, and that’s all you care about. He’s Donald “Not Hillary” Trump, and will stick it to all those smug liberals.

There’s no reasoning with you. The amount of damage that your party has wrought on the fabric of our Constitutional democracy doesn’t matter to you. You don’t give a moment’s thought to what further damage will be done, whether he wins OR loses. It’s Your Team, and it’s time to Get In The Game and Get On Board For The Big Win.

I’m sorry — I can’t sugar-coat it any more. His proposed positions — all of them — are evil. Torture, war crimes, violations of human and civil rights. Not just unconstitutional — Evil. The cornerstone platform priorities of your party — all of them — are evil. Your God tells you to care for the weak, the poor, the sick, to look to the log in your own eye before judging the splinter in your neighbor’s, to love they neighbor as thyself… but your party tells you “fuck ’em. Every man for themselves.” Not just inhumane — Evil.

When politics were a matter of taxation rates and spending priorities, it was possible to “agree to disagree.” But that hasn’t been true for decades. Conservatives have made politics revolve around who gets treated with basic human decency. Who gets to be considered a citizen of this nation, and who is second-class. Whose religious beliefs should be enshrined in our laws and forced on everyone, regardless of THEIR religion. It’s not possible to “agree to disagree” about any of that.

It’s not possible to “agree to disagree” with evil.

“Oh, so now I’m evil?” — I can hear you say with disdain.

Moustache-twirling, tie-a-kitten-to-the-railroad-tracks, widow-evicting evil? No. I don’t think you’re that.

You’re an example of the Banality of Evil. The “well it doesn’t affect me, so who cares? I’ll go along to get along” kind. The “screw you, I’ve got mine” kind.

As Burke said: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

That’s you.

You’re the otherwise-good men, doing nothing.

…and that IS evil.

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