30 Day Book Challenge – Finale

OK, so technically it’s going to be a 28-day book challenge.

I used this as a way to train myself to post something here daily, and I feel that it’s served it’s purpose, so I don’t feel the need to continue past the end of the month. I’m going to switch over to actual, y’know, CONTENT, starting tomorrow.

So for my final challenge, I’m taking the least-worst of the (frankly weak) final questions, and going with: Favorite book of all time.

And, fair warning: I’m cheating a little bit. I’m treating Stephen King’s Dark Tower series as a single book.

I figure that’s allowed, because it’s a complete epic narrative, although it wasn’t split into multiple books from a longer work (like Lord of the Rings), it was built one installment at a time, over decades.

More importantly, I absolutely love it.

Which is the point, after all.

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