RPGaDay2018, Day 8 – How Can We Get More People Playing?

Well, it only took 8 days for us to reach a disappointing question. That’s pretty good. (And, looking ahead, I see that this is pretty much the worst of the lot, so that’s a pretty admirable achievement, overall.)

I will posit that, given that Dungeons and Dragons had it’s best sales year in the game’s 45-year history in 2017, topping even the popularity heyday of the early 80s; that more than 7500 unique broadcasters are streaming games over the internet to an estimated audience of over 9 million people, introducing more and more people every month;, that the game has featured as plot elements in mainstream entertainment ranging from STRANGER THINGS to COMMUNITY; and just last night, Joe Manganiello appeared on a popular late-night talk show to discuss D&D with the host, Steven Colbert — that the question is more than a bit ridiculous.

People are playing — in bigger numbers than ever before.

If anything, what we “need” to do is to show people that there’s more out there than D&D — and, frankly, that’s already starting to happen as well, with a number of very popular streams devoted to non-D&D RPGs.

So… keep up the good work, folks? We’re doing just fine.