RPGaDay2018, Day 12 – Wildest Character Concept?

Today’s question: “Wildest Character Concept?”

In college, I was playing D&D — one of the rare instances where I was a player, rather than running a game.

I was joining an existing group, and so was told to create a character at 5th level, with a few magic items. The party was traveling through an immense forest — a forest which the players jokingly started referring to as “the forest of wandering damage”, for the never-ending encounters which plagued the party as they continually got lost. (As an aside — the campaign fell apart a bit later when the players realized that none of them were playing the original characters who had been sent on the quest, and none of the new characters they’d created when their originals had been killed actually knew what the quest WAS. Just a party of random people who had joined up, and were wandering around a forest for no reason. Yeah, DMs? Don’t run a game like that.)

I decided that I was going to play an Elf Ranger, as a guide for the party. But I decided to go completely against the Elf stereotypes — the noble woodland species, pure and better in every way to humans…

I created an Elf sniper… who was a racist Elven Supremacist.

I created a 5th level ranger, and asked for the following magic items — elven boots (to move silently and without trace), elven cloak (for camouflage), and a long bow strung with the silk of a phase spider — absolutely silent, and whose arrows would be invisible in flight until they struck the target.

I based him on special operations snake-eaters.

His worldview — there were the gods, and below them the elves, and then below the elves everything else. He considered humans to be little more than chimpanzees with metal-working skills.

He was an ugly character, who said ugly things. Not what anybody expected when they heard “an Elf Ranger.” In fact, at the point the campaign fell apart, a couple of the other characters were plotting to murder him.

That’s probably the most out-there concept I’ve ever played.