RPGaDay2018, Day 27 – Share A Great Stream.

Share a great stream/actual play:

Over the past year is when game streams finally clicked for me. I’d been aware of Critical Role, but I’d never watched it. Then I started watching Geek & Sundry’s SHIELD OF TOMORROW from the first episode, and it hooked me, all the way to the end — 50 episodes later (52 if you count a side-game and a Q&A). Funny thing is, at 3 hours of play per episode, that comes to 150 hours of Trek content, which turns out to make it (unofficially, obviously) the longest Trek series ever — beating out The Next Generation plus the TNG movies, which tops out at 143 hours.

Any way — the show streamed on Twitch… but Geek & Sundry has been putting the older episodes up on Youtube. They’re up to episode 31 at the time of this writing.

Here’s the first episode in the series playlist, featuring the set and the costumes… but a few episodes later, they actually even add a title sequence!