RPGaDay2018, Day 29 – Share A Friendship You Have Because of RPGs

Share a friendship you have because of RPGs…

Well, most of them, to be honest. But top of the list, and the obvious choice for this post, has to be Laura.

We met at the college gaming club, Kansas University Gamers And Roleplayers (KUGAR) in 1990/1991. We became friends and part of the same playing group (this is in the days before there were as many women openly gaming, so we heard from other members of the club that our group was the “cool group” because we had “The Girl.”). We started dating in 1997, moved in together in 1998, and got married in 2006. So we’ve been married 12 years, been together 21 years, and have known each other for 28 years. And all because of RPGs.

Together, we’ve played D&D, Vampire, Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who, The One Ring, Golden Heroes, Boot Hill, Cyberpunk, and more. She created UnderWorld with me, and has been working on Thrilling Tales and Far West as well. Partners in gaming and partners in life.

And if that doesn’t establish our Geek Bona Fides, check this picture, from 15 years ago at the KC RenFest. Deep Nerdery.