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  1. sure! whenever, as my weekend is soley devoted to the shit-ton of Japanese homework I have (which won’t seem near as bad after I make up my test Friday). I think Mikey works till 4-ish, so after that? And Laura will need time to convert as we still have the book…*hides from Laura*

  2. Um…are we talking Saturday night? B/c that’s the SWade Manor Halloween Party. That I promised Chris Folk I’d go to with him.

    ::cowers:: Don’t hit me…

  3. Hey, didn’t know you were running that! Shame we’re half a continent away. :) How’s it going? You should post a recap or game log or something, for us geekishly-inclined sorts.

  4. Well the e-mail I got says “Feel free to forward this to anyone you think would like to attend.” So, consider yourself invited. :D

    Oh and I don’t work Sunday so that would be cool if we want to game then.

  5. Sunday afternoon could work. Somebody check with Mike….

    Also: Thank you for the invite! I’ve forwarded to to see if we can whip up costumes by then.

    I think you should go as “Berkie The Vampire Slayer.”

  6. We haven’t started using the SERENITY rules yet. I ran one session back during the summer using D20 Future, and once we heard about the official RPG, we put it on hold until it came out.

    So, yeah, I expect I’ll do recaps of sessions.

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