The Bat-Shit Crazy Email

I told some of you guys about the lunatic email the got, complaining about the language, the black middle-aged pirate woman, the “vicous rapits”, etc.

I thought you’d like to read the entry in question:

Read and laugh.

5 Replies to “The Bat-Shit Crazy Email”

  1. I feel so… privileged to have my very own total nutbar furiously pounding the keys because somebody let black folks into fantasy. ;)

    “Vicious rapit” is my favorite phrase from the whole thing.

  2. I have this much time for free reading: ZERO

    But this line makes me want to read Mr. Lych’s stuff:

    Thank you for your sentiments. I offer you in exchange this engraved invitation to go piss up a hill, suitable for framing.

  3. I loved your responses, especially the crack about “both” of his friends. But what I really want to do is add “vicous rapits” to a selection of monsters for Skull and Bones that I’m working on. They will be small furry mammals with giant teeth and claws that won’t follow women and are prone to humping peoples legs. I think they should travel in packs.

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