We’re back at home, after spending an afternoon at ‘s parents’ “Show The American Holiday To Our Foreign Visitors” festival.

No huge family gathering (for which I am somewhat thankful), and given that, as is the tradition of her parents in such years, they invited people from the University to share the meal with us and give them a glimpse into “traditional American culture” (or what passes for it.)

As noted, at least this year they didn’t invite people from opposed cultures (apparently one year it was a Taiwanese student and a professor visiting from Mainland China). No, it was a professor and his wife, visiting from Norway. It was pleasant….ish. (As pleasant as sharing a family holiday with strangers can be, I suppose)

Denied the opportunity of cooking a Thanksgiving meal, I will instead be doing ours tomorrow….this house WILL smell of roast turkey, damn it! There WILL be left-overs!

…which, naturally, leaves the question of what we’re having for dinner tonight. Feh. Dunno.

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