4 Replies to ““America Will Not Run””

  1. I actually listened to part of that speech on the way into work this morning. He played the 9/11 card literally in his second sentence. After telling the crowd he was happy to give them an excuse to miss class.


  2. It’s all about having an audience that cannot leave, show disapproval or in any way disagree.

    If he appeared in front of a bunch of ordinary folks, they’d probably lynch him.

  3. Honestly, it is my opinion that it is too late to leave Iraq. Once the invasion was commited to, occupying forces CANNOT leave until they have improved the situation above what it was like prior to the invasion. At this time, there is a lack of basic human standards in large parts of Iraq that used to have electricity and running water. The infrastructure -has- to be rebuilt before occupying forces can leave.

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