New Tim Powers Novel!

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It looks like Tim Powers has finally got another novel coming out!

“When 12-year-old Daphne Marrity steals a videotape of Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure from her grandmother’s house, neither she nor her college-professor father, Frank Marrity, have any idea that the theft has drawn the attention of both the Israeli Secret Service and an ancient European organization of occultists — or that within hours they’ll be visited by her long-lost grandfather, who also wants that videotape.

And when Daphne’s teddy bear is stolen, and a blind assassin nearly kills her father, and a phantom begins to speak to her from a switched-off television set, Daphne and her father find themselves running for their lives through a southern California in which magic and the undead past are dangers as great as the guns of living assassins.

From ancient prophesies about Israel to the secret lives of Charlie Chaplin and Albert Einstein, this breathtaking novel throws a suburban father and daughter into the midst of an ancient supernatural battle.”

Click on the cover for pre-order info for the Subterranean Press limited edition.

Powers was asked about this book a while ago (before it had a title), and said: “The current book takes place in southern California, and involves consequences of Einstein having lived in Pasadena during the early 30’s. I claim that he left a sort of time machine there, and now the NSA and the Mossad and various bad crowds want it. As usual, plain history has given me a lot of fine stuff – Einstein attended seances with Charlie Chaplain, and had a secret illegitamate daughter, and pursued lots of apparantly wrong theories – lots of opportunities for fun .”

That’s pretty much how Powers works. He researches a topic until he finds the oddities about it, and then draws them all together into a wonderfully bizarre whole.


Powers is one of my favorite authors, and it’s been far too long (over 5 years since Declare) since we’ve had a new book from him.

15 Replies to “New Tim Powers Novel!”

  1. Ah, sweet! Thanks for the info! He’s one of my faves as well, though I still have a few (Drawing of the Dark and Powers of Two) sitting on my shelf waiting to be read. When this one’s out they’ll have some company. :)

  2. Although I’ve got a half-dozen Tim Powers books, the one I’ve always wanted to find, but never been able to locate, is On Stranger Tides.

    It’s been a long and fruitless search.


  3. I don’t actually have Powers of Two. I didn’t discover Powers until The Anubis Gates, and the earliest novel of his that I have is the reprint of Drawing of the Dark. Powers of Two is a collection of his first two novels (Skies Discrowned and An Epitaph In Rust)—and I was a bit hesitant since they seem, subject matter-wise, like they’re not his usual oeuvre.

  4. Heh. Dude, maybe you don’t remember this but YOU were the one who introduced ME to Powers—you told me to read Anubis Gates. So it’s all your fault. :)
    I picked up Powers of Two a few years ago, when somebody (Might have been SFWA itself) released a hardcover edition. I have heard they aren’t as sharp as his later works, but what can I say? I’m a completist. :)

  5. Actually, I didn’t remember….but it doesn’t surprise me. I’ll shove anybody in the direction of Anubis Gates, given half the chance.

  6. Not $60 desperate! I’m sure there’s a beat up old paperback in a used bookstore out there with my name on it.

    I’ve actually bid on it via e-bay twice, failing to “win” both times.


  7. EXCELLENT! I have to admit that I’ve never heard of Tim Powers before, but these sound really good, and I have thusly added them to my various book wishlists.

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