The New Majority Leader

The Republicans selected John Boehner as their new majority leader. I know a lot of folks are pleased that it wasn’t Roy Blunt.

However, consider this:

John Boehner actually handed out checks from the tobacco industry on the floor of the House to fellow Congressmen in 1995 when they were considering a bill to end a tobacco subsidy. No shit. Actually walked around, and gave out checks on the floor of the House chamber.

This is the guy the Republicans just elected to clean up the lobbying problems in the House. Can you get any more blatant?

I’ve said it before: They’re not even trying to hide their nature any longer.

…and it’ll keep going, until we get off our asses and do something about it.

I wish I knew what.

3 Replies to “The New Majority Leader”

  1. Power is anything you are willing to let someone else do to you

    Well, we joined the local Democratic party group. We are going to do what we can to get Delay replaced with Lampson. Delay’s Texas “redistricting” program gerrymandered Lampson out of his district so he moved one suburb over and is out for vengence. I never did anything to put Delay there, but I can do what I can to kick his felonous ass out on his ass.

    I tried working with the radical groups, but they want a utopian society that just will never happen. I really don’t want their world. Department of Peace? In a better world that would be the State Department. Societies make laws and live by codes or someone takes a big stick, beats you up and takes your food. People are not equal because we have different levels of intellegence, abilities and out right desires. I guess ultimatly it balances out to equal in a holistic way. I may be more intellegent but someone else is more compassionate. That still makes for political inequality. The far left is people who have no way of ever getting political power and really don’t want to effect real change. Most of them would be lost if they had nothing to protest against. I have just decided a disorganized democratic party has a chance of change if people who know how to and want to organize them, get off their ass. I am one of those people, and I bet you are too.

  2. Completely not related to your post

    In reference to the items for the 18th…the suggestion is to contact Whole Foods and see if they can fill the need.

  3. People always say…

    …that I voted, so I fulfilled my responsibility.

    They miss the point so much. Voting isn’t all you should do, as you and I know it is the least we should do. We have to be politically active in our communities. We have to get in peoples faces and change the way that the local Democrats, Greens, Independants, and (by refraction) the Republicans conduct themselves. We must change the character and dialog of the debate.

    Being a muckraker is one of the things that I respect most about you.


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