Equal Time: Dems Are Bastards, Too

Paul Hackett, an Iraq War veteran and outspoken critic of the Bush Administration, who was running for Senate in Ohio, has dropped out of the race and quit politics.

Some of you might recall me talking about this guy earlier this year: No-holds-barred, blunt, unapologetic. Catchphrase of “I said it, I meant it, I stand by it”, when questioned about his controversial opinions, such as saying that banning Gay marriage was unamerican, or that the Christian Right is pretty much the same thing as the Taliban, or that the Administration lied to everyone to start this war.

Well, the Democratic Party establishment weren’t happy about this, and hamstrung his campaign. Calling donors to shut down money flow, etc.


5 Replies to “Equal Time: Dems Are Bastards, Too”

  1. It reminds me of how the Dems turned like beaten dogs on Howard Dean after that stupid-ass fiasco about his absolutely-irrelevant-to-his-campaign scream that got looped like a viral video.

  2. The Democrats are simply paranoid about fielding anyone that doesn’t look enough like a Republican to hopefully get the centrist vote (and the Republicans who are “sick of the bullshit”). Of course that strategy has worked so very well for them so fucking far…


  3. When I got my driver’s license renewed last month and registered to vote, I changed my party affiliation from “Democrat” to “Independent.” I’ve always been a Democrat, but now I’m disgusted with the party. Somewhere along the line they dropped everything that they once stood for. Honestly, if someone asked me to tell them what the Democratic Party stands for now, I couldn’t tell them. All they care about now is trying to defeat the Republicans, period. Of course, as pointed-out above, that strategy hasn’t worked very well for them so far.

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