Five Fists of Science

Nifty steampunkish graphic novel coming out in May:

True story: in 1899, Mark Twain and Nikola Tesla decided to end war forever. With Twain’s connections and Tesla’s inventions, they went into business, selling world peace.

So what happened?

Only now can the tale be told– in which Twain and Tesla collided with Edison and Morgan, an evil science cabal merging the Black Arts and the Industrial Age. Turn of the century New York City sets the stage for a titanic battle over the very fate of the mankind.

Mark Twain and Nikola Tesla versus Thomas Edison and J.P Morgan. Heh. Sign me up.

It’ll be in bookstores and comic shops, or you can pre-order it from Amazon.

For those who like to browse, here’s a 22 page B&W preview PDF (cover and such in color, interiors in b&w — which will be color in the final).

7 Replies to “Five Fists of Science”

  1. Father of the Electric Chair – an appropriate villain

    You know Thomas Edison was a fucker – I recall reading selections from a biography of his some years ago; apparently Edison used to give the local kids a nickel for every stray dog or cat they could round up for him and he used them in his experiments with electricity used to create a prototype of the electric chair. Apparently, he’d burn through quite a few in one day.

    Today, PETA would be all over his ass.

  2. The art for this is actually done by a local Kansas City man, Steven Sanders. You may occasionally meet him at the Charlesworth Hostile.

    Oh, yes, I will be owning this book.

  3. Is this the same guys who did the one with Tesla vs PT Barnum? Cause that was great.
    Aside, you do read the TPBz ‘n graphic novels they have at the LPL, right? It’s the only way I can keep up and keep money in my pockets. Not that I don’t end up buying comic books anyway.

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