Fly A Protest Flag

(Inspired by something Bill Maher said last night)

Everybody knows that the Republicans have hijacked the American Flag. It’s on the lapel of every swaggering criminal in this administration, and is quickly becoming a fascist emblem that means “Real American” — and anybody who doesn’t think like they do, naturally, isn’t a “Real American.”

So you know what? This Memorial Day, fly this flag:

The original flag of the nation. The Betsy Ross flag. Tell the American Taliban that you love your country…..or what your country USED to be. Fly the flag that embodies the ideals that the nation was founded upon….not the evangelical dictatorship that it has become.

Put the graphic on your website, your Live Journal, whatever. Order a flag and fly it from your porch. Order a sticker and put it on your car.

I’d love to see this meme spread, and see Betsy Ross flags spring up all over the country.

Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

3 Replies to “Fly A Protest Flag”

  1. I consider myself more left than center on most issues, but I do have a problem with what Maher is suggesting. The SPIRIT of America has never changed. Its intent and its vision is intact. But do I want to don a symbol of a culture that is 230 years behind ours in terms of social justice?

    Do I adopt a symbol of a culture that spoke of Freedom, but traded in slaves, kept a servant class of migrants and minorities and denied women almost as many rights as slaves?

    Or do I emulate the American vision that went to war rather than give up slavery and wiped out its aboriginal cultures to claim the mineral wealth of their lands?

    It’s still not a perfect society. We live in times where equality is still a tiny point on the horizon. But I would rather keep MY symbol of America — the product of two centuries of change and growth — and tell those fuckers in Washington that it belongs to me, and The People. And We, The People, will one day record their time in office as a dark Calligulan mis-step in an otherwise upward struggle for Democracy, Freedom and Peace.

  2. You’re from one of those states. It just makes me feel weird that my state is not on that. ThoughI guess I am still a DAR member so what the hell. Though put a UN flag on your car and you are asking to be cut off in traffic by a hummer or a “dualy”

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