Presenting: SNARKWEAR

I mentioned this to a few of you at Heartland–

I’m proud to announce the opening of my own CafePress shop: SNARKWEAR!

First up, we have the following T-Shirt, available in Black, Grey, White, Fitted White or Baby Doll:

That’s right, kids — the eternal question: Who Would Jesus Do? Framing Titian’s portrait of Mary Magdalene — Blasphemy never looked so good.

(Click the shirt image to go to the shop)

2 Replies to “Presenting: SNARKWEAR”

  1. And to think, at Heartland this weekend, my daughter found a WWJD pewter necklace, and asked what it was. I told her it stood for “We Want Jack Daniels”. I think the shirt works better.

    The only problem is Biff got her. (been re-reading Lamb.)

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