Woke up today feeling much better — the drugs are working. Hoorah.

Opened my first present — a gift from that has been sitting, taunting me, since its arrival a few days ago. Turns out that it’s a copy of the first season of The Wild Wild West on DVD!

Woot! Now I’m able to wash the awful taste of the Will Smith movie out of my brain.

Bunch of work to catch up on today….another reason why getting sick sucks.

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  1. Thank you — that reminds me: you’ve gotta tell me what was in the rub you used for the roast chicken at Heartland! That was phenominal.

  2. You’d never see Robert Conrad fight a giant mechanical spider

    Y’know Will Smith passed up the part of Neo in The Matrix to play James West in the Wild, Wild West feature.
    “Smith considers this the worst movie he has starred in, and admits passing on the Matrix was a “big mistake”.”

  3. Re: You’d never see Robert Conrad fight a giant mechanical spider

    I agree with the first part of that statement, but really – what has “The Matrix” done for Keanu? Nothin. He was cool for a while, but with the rest of that trilogy going craptastical on us, it wasn’t that hot in the long run.

    Whereas Mr. Smith has managed to get parts that actually highlight his ability to be what Keanu is not: an actor. I don’t think Wild Wild West ended up hurting him at all.

    ps. Happy Birthday Gareth!!!

  4. I don’t measure things, and at that particular time, I just used what was there! It had kosher salt, basil, thyme, marjoram, garlic, onion powder, white pepper, and I don’t know what-all else. There were some spice mixes that I picked up and thought, “Oh, that looks good” and tossed them in. But I’d be happy to make you a batch ‘o rub for a birthday present, if I know how to get it to you!

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