Bille Piper leaving Doctor Who

The official announcement has been made.

Apparently, her final episode is the last episode of this season, which airs in another 3 weeks. Yikes. I wonder what they’re going to do to her. Does she get a happy ending? I’m thinking no — they’ve gone out of their way to play up the relationship between the two of them this season. I think that it can only end tragically.

As far as a new companion goes — here’s my idea: We know that Captain Jack is going to be starring in Torchwood, which airs in the Fall. He’s also got a co-star, Gwen, who is played by Eve Myles, the actress who played the Maid in last year’s episode, The Unquiet Dead.

My guess is that the Doctor will show up at the end of the run of Torchwood (or they’ll devote the Doctor Who 2006 Christmas special to this), at which point, Jack and Gwen become the new companions.


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  1. Is Torchwood just going to be a one series run? I got the feeling they were going to try and have it run concurrently with Who but I may have been just wishfully thinking.

  2. Considering the ability the producers of both shows have at suprise I am not banking on anything at this point. Having more Captain Jack around would be fun though on either show. I thought the character was halarious and I’m looking forward to Torchwood whatever the length of the run. I wonder how big of a part Julia Deakin will have with the new show, if any.

  3. And we’ve read those hints about the fact that Rose and the Doctor aren’t taking their adventures seriously enough this season. I’m seeing more tears in my viewing future.

  4. Dr. Who is, really, the Sci Fi Law & Order, where each season must end with some portion of the central cast getting rotated out and replaced.

  5. Re: Counting the cost…

    Good point. There’s been several story arcs that have continued throughout season 1 & 2, so there’s a good chance that this is going to happen at some point. Of course, there’s also the chance that she’ll be resurrected at some point as well. Space and time are The Doctor’s playground after all, and Rose did look directly into the heart of the Tardis at one point.

  6. The end of the las Doctor WHo Confidential but had an almost throw-away phrase that went something like “we get the feeling that the Doctor and Rose have been having too much fun and the eventually, someone’s going to have to pay the price” (from one of the writers I think), that and the last episode don’t make things look good for Rose…

  7. “that’s what happens when the Dr touches your life…

    even for a second.”

    Yup, she’s dead. Maybe Jackie too. I like her, I like that they’ve written her to be more proactive & competent, but I’ve never been comfortable w/ the intensity of their relationship. I’m just not going to mind seeing her go that much.

    & much as I love Barrowman & Capt Jack, I’ve also read the producers SWEARING there will be no crossover. We’ll see.

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