NYC Blue

Blame it on the relentless illness of this summer, or general stress, or spinning off from a conversation I had with about how much we both missed the place….

For whatever reason, I am finding myself in a blue funk of missing NYC today. So much so that I half-seriously looked at want ads and rental classifieds during lunch.

To be completely honest, right now KS has only three things going for it, as far as I’m concerned:

1) It will ease my daughter’s entry into the sort of East-coast colleges she’s interested in, due to regional admissions quotas.

2) The cost of living makes it possible for me to do what I do…although, given my feelings about the game industry right now, that’s not a huge incentive.

3) We have a circle of dear friends here.

That’s not a lot.

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  1. 3) We have a circle of dear friends here.

    I am of the opinion that number 3 qualifies as “a lot.” It’s certainly something that’s been on my mind recently, considering other factors in my life.

  2. One can well understand how you can miss the place. No way not to miss such a fabulous environment.

    It is amazingly easy though to not remember the downsides which brought you to make the decision to move out here in the first place, with the passage of time and the negativities of current existence right in your face, as they have been.

    Speaking though as someone who considers herself a friend (and another voice that believes that #3 actually does mean a lot in this life), the two of you gotta do what makes you happy. If being in the city is what makes you happy, then you should figure out how to do that again…even if it would mean we’d all miss you like hell.


  3. Well, it’s August. Brownout season here in the city. The construction is heavy and there have been subway delays. This is the time of year when the streets are packed with tourists and the smells of places like Chinatown become disgusting.
    So many people are trying to get in and out of the city that the traffic is a bigger nightmare than usual. Everyone os being told to conserve energy because the demand is higher than the supply.
    Prices continue to soar, and milk purchased in NYC goes bad before the expiration date unless you shell out extra for organic, which is $4 for a half-gallon. We have no matinees at movies. 311 is incompetent.

    I am sure i could come up with more…. :) Boy George is doing community service this month cleaning up trash in Chinatown and little Italy.

    Anyway, you have a ton of great friends where you are, and NYC does not have a decent faire (Sterling Forest is a drive, and the Clisters faire is 1.tiny and 2. no beer (outlawed in the streets, don’t you know….no more guinness Fleadh!)

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