Apparently, Now I’m an UNDEAD Boogie-man

The depths to which has sunk with regards to their obvious hate-on for yours truly has reached new lows.

Yesterday, apparently, somebody performed a bit of thread necromancy, posting a new response to a thread from 2003, where I had gotten into an argument. This put the thread back into circulation, and others began posting to it….

….at which point, one of the site moderators comes in, and proceeds to “chew me out”…..for a post that I made THREE YEARS AGO.

Yes, folks — apparently, I’m such a problem, that even three-year-old posts of mine are worth slamming down on. Amazing.

Of course, the chucklehead in question has since edited his….ahem….somewhat overzealous moderation, realizing that it made him (and the site powers-that-be in general) look a bit obsessive.

Naturally, by this time, other users had piled onto the thread, and were insulting me in absentia, drawing a half-hearted “don’t do that” from the same moderator…prefaced, naturally, by the phrase “Even though my feelings on the matter are well known….”

Yeah….nothing damaged about that…..

Still, though — somewhat of a badge of honor: I’m not only rpgnet’s legendary boogie-man, but apparently, I’m undead as well.

11 Replies to “Apparently, Now I’m an UNDEAD Boogie-man”

  1. Just remember the first rule of black PR: Denial is tantamount to acknowleging an issue to have merit. If you want to combat this and nip it in the bud:
    First issue a blanket stement of your own innocence and goodness Thereafter, simply refer people to it or your second response, lampooning and mocking any potential statements against you. Whatever you are accused of, -yes, you are indeed that, they’ve figured you out, and you eat kittens for dinner, regularly hold KKK meetings in your den, sacrifice children to Satan, sell heroin in gradeschools, etc.
    Be all the boogie-man you can be. Attract your followers through negative Charisma points, like the original Dieties and Demigods volume by G.Gygax gave to the Lovecraft Pantheon. :))

  2. Eh, I thought it was funny and was pleasantly surprised that they actually reversed a moderator decision to yank the thread! Unheard of under the current mod regime! Not to mention I didn’t get banned for pointing out their mistake. Maybe they’re waking up a bit finally.

  3. “Take it easy Charlie, I’ve got an angle.”

    “He’s nothing but a low-down, double-dealing, backstabbing, larcenous perverted worm! Hanging’s too good for him. Burning’s too good for him! He should be torn into little bitsy pieces and buried alive!”
    -Hanover Fiste

  4. Did you spy that someone asked about my sig, recently, there, and a mod explained that you’d never be allowed back? I was quite pleased by my ability to compare myself to Johnny Cash, and you to the wronged prisoner.

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