Robin Hood Stolen, Reward Offered

What are believed to be the only high definition tapes for the BBC’s new £8 million Robin Hood series were stolen last week in Budapest, where the 13-part series is being edited ahead of its debut on the BBC in the autumn.

Tiger Aspect , the production company behind the new series, has offered a £40,000 reward for the return of the tapes. It is possible that the series, which is due to replace Dr. Who on Saturday nights starting in October, could now be delayed.

Story here.

3 Replies to “Robin Hood Stolen, Reward Offered”

  1. What’s up with his bow there? I thought Robin Hood would have been a prime candidate for an English Longbow… rather than some kind of composite Mongolian thing.

    Maybe Ye Guilde of Worthie Longbowyers has struck in definace of this disrespect to their trade?

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