Rough Day

Overwhelmed today. Mountain of work staring me in the face, and I can’t seem to get motivated enough to do anything about it.

Tired of being stuck in the house all the time. Yeah, I get to work for myself, but sometimes it feels like I never leave my office.

Stressing about business, stressing about money, stressing about the forthcoming wedding.

Boo, brain on overload. Hooray….er….well, nothing, right now.

8 Replies to “Rough Day”

  1. Re: Hooray!!!!

    Well, sorta hooray…on the bad-mood side of things, it’s just a reminder of the lack of latex-clad hawtness anywhere in my immediate vicinity. :)

  2. This is pretty much exactly the way I’ve been feeling for the past month. I’ve tried taking the laptop out and working in public a few times but I’ve yet to find a place quiet enough to actually write.

  3. One would imagine that the working from home thing does get quite annoying in that you have no real way to get out and about to relieve any cabin fever.

    Right there with you on the inability to get motivated to deal with the pile in front of me.

    Faire crap keeps mucking up my days.


  4. The couple of months leading up to a wedding are enormously stressful and it gets hard to focus on the positive. Be sure to take good care of yourself so that you do not end up getting sick! Perhaps some tea and singing at the top of your lungs will help clear the air and let you concentrate. Purge the negative energy or somesuch.

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